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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
If you've spoken to a single Sox fan who thought the scoreboard intro change last year was an improvement, then you've found more such people than I have. That was a perfect example of a change for the sake of change. At least this uniform thing has some logic to it (we'll sell more jerseys!); the scoreboard intro change was just the marketing department once again trying (and failing) to prove they're smarter than all of us.
But this is also an example of people complaining no matter what. One of the big arguments against the marketing seems to be that they don't do anything. Well, they did something. People (at least people here) didn't seem to like it, but people don't tend to like change. The old intro was great, sure, but should it really have been the intro for all time just because it was from 2005? Honestly, part of me thinks it should have been - but times change, and if the organization refuses to ever change anything because of "tradition" then eventually they just look old fashioned. Not every change will be successful, but that's not a reason not to try things.
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