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Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
People are gonna complain regardless.

I've only been to SoxFest twice, both times I have met several people that attended multiple games during the season. Regardless, we are trying to attract people that don't go to games. Just a question - who do you think goes to SoxFest? I'm curious. As a partial season guy, I get passes from my rep.
I think (especially since they moved it away from the Hyatt and jacked the prices way up) that only pretty hardcore fans go to SoxFest - you're not going to spend that much money unless you're really into the team, in which case you probably already go to a bunch of games (or you're getting the passes free for having season tickets, but, again, that pretty much means they've already gotten you).

Pretty much the same thing goes for people who post at WSI - if you post here, you clearly care a lot about the team, which is great, but it means you're not really what the team needs to be marketing to. If they can get each of us to go to an extra game or two, that's not a BAD thing, but what they really need to do is get NEW people to come to a bunch of games and I'm not sure Bobby Jenks or Scott Podsednik or a bobblehead will do it.
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