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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
What difference does it make? If I say none, then you'll say I'm not a real fan and thus my opinion doesn't matter. If I say 81, then you'll say I'm a hardcore fan and shouldn't care what the uniform situation is.

Yes, a winning team on the field is what ultimately matters. But if the "little things" don't matter at all, then why do we have a marketing department? Oh, right, because the little things add up, and while one little thing here and there doesn't make or break an organization, a boatload of little things is the difference between an organization that the fanbase is actually proud of versus an organization that leaves its diehards constantly banging their heads in frustration..
Actually you said this in reference to the marketing department - "I just think they don't care and/or are simply bad at their jobs." So I was asking how many games you went to. Mostly because if you do go to multiple games, they are doing their job, at least good enough for you. If you don't go to games, I asked what would make you go. What would be the biggest factor in you not going to games?

I get tired of hearing that the organization doesn't care. The amount of surveys they send out (free tickets they give out for doing them) shows me that they do care. They responded to the major one in 2013 by drastically lowering ticket prices, the major thing that fans said was the factor why they don't go to games.

I understand that this is a place for people to vent and whatnot, but the sweeping accusations that the organization doesn't care is just silly. People will always complain, just our nature, and I usually think that it just makes you passionate for the cause. But it seems to get out of hand from time to time.
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