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Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
It might not be the best argument, but it was an example of a team that is always tinkering with their uni's that is first-class. Many teams do it. Heck the Rays created a retro jersey to cash in on the money that is there.

So because you say it doesn't hold up it's true? I have two of them, many of my Sox friends have one. It is a pretty good selling jersey judging by the amount of them I see at the park. The new batterman hat is a top seller on the Sox site. There is a reason they kept them around, it makes cents and people like them.

Also, at SoxFest, the '83 stuff went quick. Not scientific evidence or anything, but it seems to be a pretty popular style.

I think it is a "love it" or "hate it" style for sure. People on both sides.
Agreed. I'm not a big fan of these uniforms, but obviously a lot of fans do and the players love the pullovers. I'd rather the Sox had ugly uniforms and a perfect roster than perfect uniforms and an ugly roster.

It amazes me how many people seem to geniunely think the White Sox are just trying to spite their fans.
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