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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Yes, but your argument kind of assumes that the 1983 uniforms are better or "cooler" than the current uniforms. They were ok last year as a novelty and celebration of the anniversary of the 1983 team. I think our current uniforms are way better than the 1983 uniforms and it's more likely to hook a kid to be a fan for life with our current uniforms than the 1983 uniforms. But we can agree to disagree. There really is no substitue for putting a good product on the field no matter what uniforms they wear. Winning builds a fan base not uniforms (duh!).
I agree with you, I think the Black/Silver standard uniforms are way better than the 1983 uniforms. However, based on the amount of 1983 stuff I see on people, many people disagree.
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