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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
I'm assuming the White Sox won't announce in advance when they plan to wear these new/old alternate uniforms and caps (in fact the team has said they aren't "Sunday" uniforms), so how will the team derive more revenue through ticket sales by having these alternate uniforms? I suppose someone could tune in to the television or radio broadcast, see or hear that the team is wearing these uniforms and say to themselves, "I have to get down to the ballpark to see this for myself (and will take my friends and family with me to witness it)," but that seems unlikely.

Revenue through merchandising? Ok. But is there any data out there which suggests that increased merchandising revenue derived though the availability of alternate uniforms/caps has significantly helped an organization "build a winner?"

On the other hand, alienating the "toxic core" (a/k/a the people who buy season tickets) doesn't sound like a viable business strategy.
It sort of goes both ways - yes, they're probably not going to get additional ticket sales because of 1983 uniforms or the lack of tuxedo stripes or diamond sock patches. But conversely, are they losing ticket revenue? Is there anybody here (or anywhere) who has bought or will buy fewer tickets because you don't like the uniform changes?
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