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Originally Posted by FoulTerritory View Post
Man oh man does the marketing department need shaken up. They are just so out of touch with the core fan base. From the reduced organ music, to the lost diamond patch, to the ditched tuxedo pants stripe, and on and on. Boyer tinkers more than Jerry Manual.

And don't tell me that the core fan base doesn't matter cause they'll always be there. A happy and enthused core is actually the best marketing tool you can have because the core will naturally market the franchise to others.

Not a single person in the entire world who actually matters cares about the lost diamond patch or the tuxedo pants stripe. The team doesn't care. The team shouldn't care. It would be a problem if the team DID care about such incredibly minor things.

And Brooks Boyer cannot win with the people here - if he changes things (even the most minor things ever) (and which he must have reasons for, even if people here disagree), people complain (making a few minor changes in a decade is "tinkering more than Jerry Manuel"?). If he doesn't change things, people complain that he's stale.

Basically, no, White Sox marketing probably isn't perfect, but you know what? You (or at least 99% of you, you never know) can't do better. And if you think you can? Get a job doing marketing for a MLB team and prove it.
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