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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Uh, they have a Top 100 prospect catcher who is easily more valuable than Beckham, not to mention a guy who had a very good year in AA and AAA and another guy whose proven to be a decent player at the MLB level when he's given the opportunity. In all likelihood, they have at least 3 catchers more valuable than Beckham.

Beckham is not a prospect any more. He's entering his late 20s and hasn't had a decent season since 2009. People need to accept what he is, a decent field, ****ty hitting, middle infielder who makes $4 million.
He's a good fielder, who hasn't hit well but showed improvement last year.
Okay, they have Murphy and Sanchez but those guys aren't coming here for Beckham. Maybe if they get desperate and we hold out we could get Murphy, but I don't see it as realistic.
No on Cervelli, whom I assume is who we're talking about.
I think they have another guy down there who profiles as a backup as well. We have backups.
I do like each of our 3 Middle Infield prospects, but i think they need more time.
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