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Originally Posted by Bobby Thigpen View Post
Maybe I'm just too out of the loop, but what is the alternative to Beckham playing second?
Marcus Semien is a Top 100 BA prospect and has had a very successful minor league career. Carlos Sanchez was one of the organization's top prospects prior to last year; he had a down year in AAA but that was an aggressive placement given his age. Micah Johnson is probably a year or two away, but had a fantastic 2013 season. Sanchez and Johnson definitely project to be 2B, Semien probably does.

Semien is the most MLB ready of the bunch but it is probably prudent to wait at least a few months to let him work in AAA. But the bottom line is that this is still a team that's probably going to lose 85-95 games this year, so the idea of creating a "gaping" hole isn't such a disaster. And frankly, the Sox have a gaping hole at C and currently have absolutely no means to fill it internally, whereas they have a hole at 2B but have a few intriguing guys who may be ready by 2015 or 2016. It's obvious that Beckham is now simply a placeholder for 2B, he's not part of the long-term plan any more. So if you can get someone you think can be a long-term solution behind the plate for him, I can't see why you wouldn't pull the trigger.

Just pray that Beckham starts hot, Roberts gets hurt, and maybe another big spender like the Red Sox or Dodgers realizes they need a 2B, too, and we can get someone to overpay for him.

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