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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
They don't have any catchers in the minors worth Beckham. That's selling low. Beckham showed some improvement, too.
We also don't have a 2B on the roster that's ready. The young guys need more time in the minors, and Keppinger would deteriorate our defense.

Keppinger for a catcher? Sure.
This is how I feel as well. Keppinger is the guy you want to move. He simply doesn't have a place on this team anymore and is blocking the younger Matt Davidson or even Conor Gillaspie from playing time. A 33 year old veteran "super utility" who is on the decline and has two years remaining on his contract is definitely the one you want to move. Perhaps Keppinger's infield versatility would interest the Yanks and his contract is a drop in the bucket for them. I'd rather keep the 27 year old Beckham and hope he rebounds now that he is healthy rather than trade him for the Yankees 3rd best catcher.
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