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Speaking of employees at the park, does anybody have any idea how I would go about applying for a job there? I am a teacher so I have the summer off and thought it would be a nice change of pace to work at the ballpark. My dream job would be working as a member of the grounds crew, but I think those are more long term positions that I would not be able to do.

In keeping with the topic, great review as always. Although I am nowhere near 20+ consecutive years at Soxfest, I have attended the last several and I agree with many of the points made by ChiSoxGirl. I have had many positive interactions with some of the White Sox employees at Soxfest, but I am continuously baffled at the fact that so many of them are uninformed about what is going on.

I think the job of Soxfest is to connect with fans and get them excited about the upcoming season. I am encouraged by the moves that Hahn has made this offseason and after sitting in on seminars and listening to Abreu and Eaton speak I am definitely looking forward to Opening Day. I also heard a small portion of Avisail Garcia's interview with The Score while I was waiting in line and he is another guy that I am anxious to see in a White Sox uniform for the entire season.

My thoughts are bouncing around in my head right now so I am shifting gears once more. Has anyone on here ever found out the protocol for White Sox players attending Soxfest? Basically I am asking how they determine who will and will not show up. I understand if a player has a wedding, family emergency, etc. but I'm sure most of you have recognized the fact that some players just never attend. (ie. Alex Rios) Not sure if Rios's situation would have to do with his VISA or something...just wondering.
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