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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
I'm pretty sure Jim Thome did not wake up that AM with the simple mission in mind to screw over people with a ****ed up signature on a piece of memorabilia.

Still don't understand how the math works in him screwing that one guy $250.
Neither do I. He did sign it. If it wasn't to make money and only display he was out the $500 anyway.

The same complaints are said for years, so really, if you want someone to sign really neatly, if you want someone to add their number or HOF or Perfect Game or Cy Young, or sign on the sweet spot, do yourself a favor and skip Soxfest signings next year, or you will be saying the same thing. You can blame the players, but autographs have become big business. Frank, Bo, Thome, I am all sure have contractual obligations when it comes to signing. Whether you have any intention or not of selling it, the guy signing it probably and understandaby thinks you do. There are more people looking to make money in those autograph lines than are not. Even some collectors who say they are for personal display will look for a profit in a few years.
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