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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
For me, I collect a lot of autographs and memorabilia. If you collect it, you want it nice. If you collect stamps or coins, you pay more for higher grades. If you collect plates, you donít buy ones that are chipped. If you collect comic books, you donít want the edition a 7 year old colored all over. It is no different.

When it comes to signing stuff, know who you are. I say that because I get why Buehrle may not sign Perfect Game, or Thomas and Maddux donít sign HOF. But Like, Steve Stone for example is notoriously a jerk to fans at signings. No Cy Young, No Sweet Spot, everything MUST be inscribed. You would not get back the 20 buck cost of an MLB Baseball if you sold a sweet spot cy young Steve Stone ball. Get over yourself.

I never am ungrateful for a player signing, but I do get why people get upset. Soxfest one year, Freddy Garcia showed up totally drunk and hungover, and this guy had been working on a World Series team signed ball, and Freddy Signed it upside down, so his signature is the only 1 going in the other direction.
I agree 100%.

The annual Steve Stone is an idiot story of Soxfest 2014:
Literally printed his name out on some guy's baseball instead of signing it.

I apologize if this question was already posed, but how does Soxfest work in terms of players attending? I was under the impression that current players were required to attend so many team functions per year. I assume that everything is compensated for them. Does the team actually pay former players or do they just take care of their accommodations? In my opinion none of this should matter, but I always find it interesting why some guys attend and others do not.

Rumor was that Sale was on a cruise with his parents. Understandable. Is there a reason that a guy like Rios never attended once? Possibly something to do with his VISA?
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