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Originally Posted by Parrothead View Post
I would disagree and I have been to all but 5 MLB parks. I would put the Sox in the middle of the pack (yeah, their upper deck rule sucks). Sure the giveaways are different. The Sox have less bobbleheads or blankets but they other stuff especially for the kids which are better than other parks. If you want to have good promotions go to the minor league games that is where some of the best work is done. Give a winning team, reasonable priced tix and concessions and helpful ushers or ushers that do their job. That would make me happy.
The biggest gripe I have with what the White Sox have going on at the park is the friendliness of the staff. At almost every other park I've gone to, the staff (all around the park, from usher to concession worker) has been friendly, engaging, helpful, etc. At the Cell, that has no way been my consistent experience. In fact, the times I've had interactions that would lead me to say "Wow, they're really going out of their way to make me feel at home" are so foreign that every single one of them sticks out in my memory. And on top of that, I have zero memories that stick out from other parks where I go "Wow, what jerks."

And I hate the excuse (and I really don't care) that the city, ISFA, vendors, or whoever has handcuffed you into having to hire specific employees. At the end of the day you're in a partnership with all of those entities and if you need to go out of your way to let those parties know (or employees know) what you're looking for out of them every single day, you get off your ass and do so until you're blue in the face and make sure they know/change.

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