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So, just a recap of the weekend on my end, because sometimes the Soxfest reports are almost as entertaining as the event itself. I wasn't sure if I was going to go, since we've been busy at home and I've been down on the team. I didn't purchase my tickets until Thursday night. It was a fun time, and I'm glad I went. This was my 13th in a row, and I think 14th out of 18. Enjoyed taking the L down, and the commute down couldn't be any easier.

I didn't go crazy chasing autographs, but I was able to get all of the guys I wanted. I ended up with nine total (Ventura twice, Konerko twice, Abreu, Viciedo, Beckham, Dunn and Paciorek). I was able to recycle an old Jerry Owens ball for Paciorek's autograph, and it turned out great. Ventura and Konerko of course are class acts all the way and treat everyone with respect and make eye contact and at least act like they don't mind being there. Abreu is a big kid. Viciedo looks like he may have lost a bit of weight and is in "the best shape of his career".

I met Chet Coppock in the lobby, which was pretty funny. Also rode up an elevator with Christine O'Reiley, who looked like she wanted to just go home and die. She was telling me that people get caught up complaining about one guy when there are 38 other players at the event. I can see where she's coming from.

The Bo Jackson thing was probably not handled the best way by the Sox. He has a contract which doesn't allow him to sign certain things. He was advertised as being there and signing, but only after buying your ticket and arriving, you would have found out that he was going to sign a Sox card stock promo photo. I didn't really care because I was in another line, but I can see how this would have been slightly "false advertising".

The seminars were great. I think I saw at least part of all of them except the Rick King seminar w/ Pierce and Peters to end the day on Saturday, and the rookie seminar on Sunday morning. Chuck Garfein really is the best interviewer for these type of events. He's really well prepared, informed and doesn't make the event about himself. The Laurence Holmes seminar on Saturday was more focused on getting Laurence Holmes over, and I don't really care what comic books and sci-fi movies he likes.

I picked up some cool baseball cards for 50% right before close. The Garage Sale was pretty worthless, with most of the stuff extremely over-priced and some things falsely advertised. A kid gave me a White Sox garden gnome near the Comcast booth upstairs, which was great since I missed that SGA last year and was looking for one of those. Mike Gomez does a good job with the photo table, and I ended up getting a number of the guys to sign their '83 photos from last year.

Minnie Minoso received a long standing ovation in his seminar on Saturday. I think the star of the weekend was probably Ventura. He was sharp and funny in answering his critics. Todd Steverson is impressive at least in words so far. Looks like everyone is on the same page.

I still think DeAza will get dealt before Spring Training.

Overall, it was a fun weekend and very comfortable. It was easy to get around, and the Sox did a nice job planning it out.
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