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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
I think there's a bigger sample size here already than just hanging your hat on June/July last season.

Yes, $4million is not a ton of money. But is still an unecessary scratch.

You start filling your roster with all these known (average/bad) commodities at $4 million per, and now you have $16 million wasted that could be paid to a star down the line, in July.

Just put a young inexpensive player in there.

Rebuild this thing.
I don't totally understand what you're getting at here. This team is likely going to be bad either way with Semien or Beckham starting at 2B, and are very unlikely to add any expensive talent at deadline. Even if they were, it's not like these contracts would inhibit that.

Furthermore,its not like Semien is a superstar who has nothing left to prove in the minors. He's shown a great ability to get on base, and I'm excited for his future, but he didn't exactly tear up AAA before his call up and he wasn't lights out in Chicago either. I'd rather see what you can get out of Beckham, De Aza, and Ramirez for potential trade bait during the season, and give Semien a chance to replicate what he did in Charlotte this season what he did in Birmingham last year.

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