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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
How is it the market if he's not a FA?

Only the Dodgers have rights to him.

Another stupid team bidding against themselves, this one even much dumber when the guy is not a FA.
The market is established by other pitchers. Going by AAV, after Kershaw, the highest paid active SP under contract are:
  1. Justin Verlander, $25,714,286
  2. Felix Hernandez, $25,000,000
  3. Zack Greinke, $24,500,000
  4. C.C. Sabathia, $24,400,000
  5. Cliff Lee, $24,00,000
  6. Cole Hamels, $24,000,000

It doesn't look at all unreasonable to think Kershaw is more valuable than anyone on that list.
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