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We loved Bobby Jenks. I remember when he first came up in 2005, before he was the closer, Ozzie would get booed for removing Jenks from the game after one inning, especially if he was being replaced by Damaso Marte. I still get chills whenever I hear that "Here Comes the Boom" song - rarely has there been such a perfect fit between player and entrance song.

One thing I find about ex-Sox players is that after many years, the negative memories fade and the positive ones are all that remain (except for Jose Paniagua). I even have positive feelings about Magglio these days.
"Hope...may be indulged in by those who have abundant resources...but its nature is to be extravagant, and those who go so far as to stake their all upon the venture see it in its true colors only when they are ruined."
-- Thucydides
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