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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
This really makes a ton of former MLB players qualified. It's really not a qualification, despite what the Sox think.
It doesn't hurt either and you cut off the part about him having 3 years of coaching experience on top of the 15 years of playing experience.

In the end it wasn't Ozzie's managing moves that cost him his job(s) it was his inability to control his mouth. He was a pretty good manager when he tried, but the lack of filter between his brain and mouth and bombastic personality made it impossible for teams to employ him for fear of scaring off their fan base.

Your analysis also fails the basic logic test.

Ozzie had 15 years of experience as a player. This helps qualify him to be a manager.

Does not mean...

All players with 15 years of playing experience will be qualified to be managers.

The opposite of one is not all. It's either zero or "more than one".

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