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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Lot of question marks around Danish's mechanics, his long-term durability, and his ability to reach the Majors. Not surprised to see they want to see him do it over a full professional season.

Still, this is a nice problem to have again. Seems like the last few years we've been questioning the last few selections because the Sox didn't have 10 quality prospects to make a list. Now we're questioning selections because 10 spots isn't enough. There's still a lack of true blue chip impact prospects in these parts, but at least the overall organizational depth is recovering nicely. Baby steps.
Agreed. I just like the kids stuff a lot. The potential is there to be really good.

I agree too on the farm system. We lack the top heavy quality, but atleast their is a little depth. Not enough, but you don't build enough through 1 year. But a few more years of this and we could be in a very nice spot.
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