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HOF 35

Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas has received the well deserved call to take his rightful place among the elite in baseball’s Hall of Fame for all time.

An honor bestowed upon an absolutely amazing player and the franchise he is best known for. A player who stood tall both in physical stature and in virtue in an era well known for liars, cheaters, and frauds.

For me, this is as much about the destination as it was the journey to get there. I among my fellow White Sox fans were there with him the entire way.

It was Thomas, the behemoth of a man who in 1990 helped change the ideas and direction of young and impressionable boy of only 13 years old looking for something to latch onto. I wouldn’t be the rabid Chicago sports fan I am today without Big Frank.

Now here I stand, a man of 36 and Thomas’ election into the HOF today causes me to take pause, *reflect and look back on my own life. I have been through many things good, bad, beautiful, triumphant, tragedies and successes, and wins and losses. I have seen entire chapters of my life end only to see new and more exciting ones open.

One of the constants in my life was Thomas and the White Sox. He stood tall both physically and metaphorically in the lives of so many like myself. As steady as his batting average, home run, RBI, walk, and OBP totals were over the years, he was an equally steady force in my life and the lives of many others as well.

As a young boy I couldn’t go a day without reading an article about Big Frank and the White Sox, checking his stats and the team standings, and watching Sox games either on TV or in person.

The great quote from the movie “Field of Dreams” definitely comes to mind today. In the time that I’ve watched his career begin, end, and now the honor bestowed upon him today, my own life has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. I feel that it has indeed been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. MLB, The White Sox, and Frank Thomas have marked the time for me.

His election into the Baseball HOF causes me to reminisce not only about his journey to get to this ultimate and much deserved destination but, how far I’ve come as a person along the way and the things Frank and the White Sox have contributed to my life no matter how small they may be.

Congratulations Frank. You *absolutely deserve this. Thank you for being a constant in and introducing sports into this fan’s life. Thank you for the pure enjoyment and escape you have brought to so many fans myself included. Just as you were there with us over the years, I will be there with you when you are officially inducted on July 27th.

You were the greatest baseball player *that I have ever seen.
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