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Originally Posted by cws05champ View Post
C'mon, lets not pretend like we all thought that Iguchi and AJ were the last missing pieces to a championship team. At the end of that off-season where we had let Maggs go, traded Carlos Lee for a speed guy and a reliever and brought in Dustin Hermannson to back up sure didn't look like a championship roster, even a playoff roster.

Even the most optimistic people were saying 80 something wins. It wasn't until we saw how the team pitched and how the offense clicked together when everyone took notice of how the team was built and how Ozzie was using them.
Having been on this board during that offseason, I can say the vast majority of us were excited for that upcoming season after the moves that were made. No one could have seen the team going wire-to-wire, but most of us felt the Sox were the team to beat in the Central after making those moves.

Heck, most of us felt VERY good about the team as the recurring problem in 2004 was the 5th starter. We all felt fantastic with the idea of Jon Garland being the 5th starter.

I think HomeFish might've been the only person who was pessimistic entering that season.
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