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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
I've read that the Cubs are interested but the speculation is that Tanaka prefers not to pitch in the Midwest and is most interested in a West Coast team. But then again money can be a big influencer.

I just don't see the White Sox taking such a risk / leap of faith on a pitcher, especially one that will end up costing a $20 million posting fee and over $100 million in contract dollars.

Id bet on the Dodgers.
With Don Cooper in house, I don't see why the Sox need a move like this. Teams looking at Tanaka should need to have a talented ace because their pitching sucks. The Sox pitching is typically good.

It would be awesome if they got him or bid up the price on him. Sox really should consider just picking up players next season though with the money they have coming off of the books.
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