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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
All you'd have to do is actually watch them pitch to see they're incredibly different. Matsuzaka didn't throw a single pitch as well as Tanaka's third best offering.

Roger Clemens and Curt Shilling both threw some of the same pitches. No one would ever deign to compare the two. At least that would make sense. This comparison is more like comparing Brett Tomko to Randy Johnson. They're both American!

That article even mentioned Matsuzaka was a poor comparison. It's like the original poster didn't even read the article and simply threw it there to attack Tanaka.
I think you forget the Matsuzaka hype when he was signed. Now that Yu is a top 5 pitcher,the next pitcher now gets hyper-hype. He probably is a stronger prospect, but just reading scouting reports, the comps aren't out of line.
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