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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I don't think the issue is the Sox have been thinking too small- but that when they've decided to "think big"- it's been hit and miss- alot of money to Dunn, Peavy, Danks and Rios in the past few years- without alot to show for it for different reasons.

I've thought they might be going stealth on Tanaka- JR has openly said they have more payroll available- and all of Hahn's acquisitions so far have been relatively low cost and under control for a number of years.

They might make a run- but hard to see them outbidding NYY or LAD-
When I said think small, I meant the present with their current moves.

They may be outbid by yanks or dodgers but it still would be nice to see they tried.
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