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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Giants fans actually hold him in higher regard than they did Aaron Rowand, at the end, anyway.

Fans tend to place a high value on expectations, and Surkamp didn't have the opportunity not to live up to his expectations, having pitched in the majors only as a future prospect who averaged 10 strikeouts per nine innings in the minors. There was a time when Barry Zito was immensely popular on the Giants and Adam Dunn was immensely popular with the White Sox, but that was before they didn't live up to their expectations. Even if Robinson Cano has a good career with the Mariners, he likely will never be as popular with their fans as he is right now.

The White Sox don't have any hype attached to Surkamp, so he's going to have to show something to get the love.
Well here's a write up about the guy

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