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Default Sox vs. Detroit April 1986 on YouTube

I've been watching these Youtube games over the past month, and they are an absolute blast. If you have time to invest, check this particular one out from April 1986, as it is historically significant for a number of reasons:

First, it is a rare opportunity to see a full game with Carlton Fisk playing LF. He didn't play out there for the entire '86 season, so seeing a full-game with him tracking down flyballs and such is fascincating. In this game, he misses the cutoff man once and bobbles a ball in LF, but makes a great catch towards the end of the game.

The real fun in this though is listening to Costas and Kubek (who is excellent) in calling the game and discussing LaRussa's possibly exit as manager and Hawk's work so far as GM (references to Willie Horton helping Kittle out as a power hitter, Drysdale working with Bob James on his off-speed pitches, Moe Drabowsky as the bullpen coach (with Kubek openly questioning if Dave Duncan or Drabowsky should visit the mound late in the game to talk to the relief pitcher)).

Lots of other fun stuff in the game without giving too much away if you haven't seen it. Willie Hernandez gives up a crucial late inning homer to the Sox, and earlier in the game the Sox go back-to-back out of old Tiger Stadium.

Other odds and ends: The Sox bullpen consisted of all right handed pitchers after they had sent Juan Agosto down to the minors. Sparky Anderson puts together a starting lineup with all of his left-handed hitters on the bench, trying to stack the lineup against lefty Floyd Bannister (who for some reason was wearing #19 instead of #24 that he wore from '83-'85...I wonder who wore #24 in '86?). So Sparky has Darrell Evans, Lou Whitaker, Pat Sheridan and three other guys on the bench and pinch hits most of them in the late innings against righties Schmidt and Bill Dawley.

Bobby Bonilla looked pretty raw at 1B for the Sox but puts down a nice bunt in extra innings. Fisk pretty much single handidly helps the Sox at the end win the game with his base running.

The star of this broadcast is Kubek. He's overwhelmingly prepared and knowledgeable, which is amazing considering information was not available at one's fingertips in 1986. He and Costas even make reference to OBP late in the game when talking about Cangelosi, which was uncommon for that era. I don't recall what his reputation was at the time. I know I used to love listening to Costas and Kubek do the Saturday AL Game of the Weeks, although Costas always seemed to have a bit of an anti-White Sox bias, but Kubek seems to shine.

There are a ton of old Sox games posted by this particular YouTube poster. I've been trying to watch and save them as time allows, as it is like stepping back in a time machine.
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