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I think it is easy for people to forget that MLB players are not automatons that perfectly reflect their stats at all times. In a time when so many numbers are available with a click of the mouse it is easy to think all of the answers are on the spreadsheet. So far the game is still played by human beings with good days and bad days, tangibles and intangibles. That doesn't mean to say that I care of Keppinger is back or not

I know when I managed my team in a tight, game-win/lose situations it was not necessarily my best numbers guy I wanted up. It was the guy who had a knack for getting on base under pressure and when it mattered the most.

I wouldn't mind if the umps were automatons, though.

Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Listening to White Sox Weekly on the Score yesterday- one of the guys (Phil Rogers?)- mentioned a few times that Keppinger had some pretty serious "personal issues" last season that really impacted him- I hadn't heard anything- but could explain such a drop off.

I'm with the crowd saying he comes up based on his arbitration clock- for the Sox the ideal situation is that Keppinger and Dunn both get off to good starts- and based on injuries to contending teams- both generate some trade value- when both are off the roster- Davidson and a utilility IF get called up to balance out the roster.
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