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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Don't stats like OBP and BABIP rely on whether the pitchers teammates catch the ball or not? FIP assumes that balls put in play are average...ignores that the quality of the balls put in play depends on whether the pitcher got the better of the hitter or vice versa. Seems like a crap stat to me.
Every stat will rely on some outside influence a bit, the question is how heavily do they rely on it. Comparing the amount of outside influence in OBP; I don't think you have to be too fanatical about baseball to notice that better hitters have higher OBP's and ****ty pitchers have high oOBP's. Compare that to saves, which requires your team to consistently get a 1-3 run lead in the 9th inning and for your manager to use you in those situations...

FWIW, last year Miguel Cabrera lead the AL in OBP, is there any doubt he's one of the very best hitters in the league right now? Whereas Jesse Crain notched exactly 0 saves, tied for worst in the AL. See what I mean?
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