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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I though BABIP is batting average on balls put in play, my understanding is that a normal BABIP is usually .300 so if a guy had a BABIP of .250 or something you could look at that and say "Oh, he is hitting into some bad luck," my point was that it doesn't distinguish between a line shot that right at someone and a weak groundout. It also doesn't tell you if defenses are shifting, etc.
OK, I kind of see what you are saying, yeah. I think your confusion is that a high BABIP isn't seen as a good thing, it's generally a warning sign that a player's current production is not sustainable.

Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I get your overall point and I know from your previous posts you tend not to take them in a vaccum, I think my point is that there aren't any really good stats or bad stats. The stats that don't rely on outside performance can be as misleading as the ones that do.
All stats are tools. Good stats are good tools, bad stats are bad tools. Building a baseball team is like building a house, you need a lot of good tools to turn this stack of 2x4's into a house. Just using a hammer won't get the job done, even if it is the best hammer in the ****ing universe. But bad stats are unnecessary. You don't need that crazy straw to build your house.

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