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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
No one is taking into account anyone's TWTW

In terms of saves and mentality, it does take a certain mentality to bounce back. One thing I always heard about Reed that I liked was that if he blew he save, he was very upset in the locker room, but came to the ballpark the next day wanting the ball again. Thats the attitude a closer needs. It does not make him exclusive, plenty of journeyman relievers end up being good closers for a short run. It happens all the time. The number of elite closers in the game is down significantly.
You know, it was unfortunate that Hawk was the spokesman for the counter-sabermetrics argument and that he also phrased it as "the will to win" BUT I think there is something to the overall point that sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Why that happens, whether it's will, chemistry or whatever cliche you want to throw at it, is hard to explain but I don't think it can be so easily disregarded as being a "fluke." Flukes are exceedingly rare over the course 162 games and the post-season.

Go Sox!!!
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