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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Yet you are the biggest fan of the win stat I have ever seen. Go figure.
Stats tell you where you've been. They don't mean anything if you don't win. Except in a fantasy league.

I have always believed that if I am looking back at my team's season, I would rather have a starting pitcher with 20 wins and an ERA of 3.50 than a starting pitcher with 10 wins and an ERA of 2.50. I shouldn't have to apologize for that. I don't do fantasy baseball, and having spent half a century as a White Sox fan, I value winning over style points.

And if my team has a full-time closer, closing more than two-thirds of my team's save-situation games, I would rather look back on my team's season with a closer who had 40 saves and an ERA of 3.50 than a closer with a 20 saves and an ERA of 2.50.

I read and hear that there is a mentality to closing that not all relievers have (although teams used to develop great starting pitchers who possessed it). Jesse Crain, for example, has more blown saves than saves in his career. Of course, most of those blown saves came in the seventh and eighth innings, but I've read that this fact was true even if you only consider game-ending situations. I would rather have a bullpen where three or four relievers could close in save situations depending on the matchups, but the save rule has pretty much put an end to that.

I don't like managers making decisions based upon the rules of the save stat.
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