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Originally Posted by cub killer View Post
As the 1985 season approached, WGN would show a commercial of Tony LaRussa calling Jim Frey to challenge him to a game. It was the Busch Beer Crosstown Classic. There was a lot of hype around it, to be played at Comiskey in April. After the Sox won, there were even bumper stickers made to commemorate the victory.

Wrigley would host the game in even numbered years. After a coupla years, Gatorade took over the sponsorship and renamed it the Gatorade Windy City Classic. One of the Wrigley games, in 88, went 16 innings, and was called due to darkness, resulting in a draw. The lights were already up, but they couldn't be used yet.

The series lost all its hype by the time the 90s rolled around, and people became apathetic to these exhibitions, which would sometimes feature AA starting pitchers.

No one missed this series when it was gone, and then it would be replaced by interleague play in 1997, which has also lost its initial hype.
Jerry Kutzler was a Cub killer in the early 90's.

My Crosstown Game memories:

  • 1987 game was played at Comiskey Park. Fog bank rolled in and was so thick you could only see the right fielder from the knees down from the third base grandstand. Sox built up 10-0 lead and brought in Bobby Thigpen for an inning of work. He gave up six in the top of the 9th and left runners on second and third before getting the last out.
  • 1988 game went extra innings and finished in a tie since both clubs ran out of pitchers. Final pitchers were Steve Lyons for the Sox, Jim Sundberg for the Cubs. That game lasted so long I left Wrigley Field sober.
  • 1990 game was a one run win with Dave Gallagher throwing out a Cubs catcher (can't recall if it was Rick Wilkins or Rick Wrona, they are all so forgettable) for the final out of the game to save the victory.
  • 1997, first game at Comiskey Park II. Both teams wore throwback uniforms to 1906 World Series. Don't recall the score. Just remember the "Both Teams Suck" chant that started in the bleachers about midway through the game. Priceless.
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