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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
If you look at the 2013 Davidson had for Reno and the 2012 Gillaspie had for Fresno, they are quite similar except that Davidson hit a lot more doubles and struck out a lot more. Gillaspie also played a better third base. I'm not suggesting Davidson doesn't have a higher ceiling. I would love to see Davidson give me a reason to get excited about the White Sox upgrading at third base, but he has to show me something first. And I'm not certain I'll see it in 2014.
Another interesting comparison is with Viciedo at age 22 in AAA:

PA 505/500
BA .296/.280
OBA .364/.350
SLG .491/.481
OPS .856/.831
2B 28/32
HR 20/17
RBI 78/74
BB 45/46
SO 83/134

Now Viciedo did have 106 PA's in the majors the previous season, but he also had shown improvement as he rose through the minors, unlike Davidson who has been consistently solid-but-not-great at every level.
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