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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I'm pretty sure the Sox's target of $80-$99 M for payroll did not include moneys earmarked for the draft and international market, a $99 M payroll entering this year still is a 17% reduction in payroll from Opening Day 2013, that's where that extra cash is going.

Also, I'm wouldn't be so sure that Garza or Danks is a slam dunk over one or another, once you start dipping your toes in the waters of veteran pitchers with arm injury history, you start to notice that they all are kind of the same. That Garza is is looking for the same kind of money moreso reinforces the idea that Danks isn't as horrendously overpaid as some would like to think. This is the price of mediocrity in a very financially lucrative sport with limited salary capping.
Danks' injury is a pretty much "you're done" injury in baseball, as history has shown. It may not shake out that way, but unless another guy loses his throwing arm, he's automatically a better bet than Danks. I'm not trying to be overly pessimistic, but there aren't any success cases for Danks' surgery. Everyone else suffered continuous setbacks their entire (and short) careers.
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