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I remember when these games started up again in 1985, always being nervous in the days before and during the game itself, as it was the one day a year I hoped the Sox could put the Cubs fans in their place. The first one in '85 was nerve racking for me, because a lot of the kids at my high school were Cub fans, and the Cubs had enjoyed the success of 1984, so I got a lot of grief about how the Sox sucked, Cubs were going to show them who the real team was, etc. As the Sox won each and every one of those (except for the tie in '88), I remember being relieved, and not hearing much from the Cubs fans.

I also went to the glorious 1991 game, when the Sox spanked the Cubs 7-2, and after the game, the scoreboard showing a picture of the Cubs shoulder logo, the "cute" Cubby face, with a circle and line drawn through it, like Ghostbusters. It was so hilarious, my dad took a photo of it, and had the picture blown up and framed in his basement.
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