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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Plus the money coming off the books next's starting to look to me like Hahn's got a hell of a plan. He didn't want to do too much last year, but he seems to have had a long term vision that he's nailing right now. If he can grab us a quality rotation arm and dump Dunn, I am prepared to hail him as king. I've spent the last year looking at this roster wondering how they could possibly turn it around, just like most of WSI. I'm impressed, I have to say. There's still a way to go, but for one off season and going back to the tradeline, you've got to like it. The only player I'm really going to miss is Santiago, but you've got to give something to get something. Even if the Sox go with a 90 million payroll this year, really this is a 120+ payroll team. He's going to be swimming in flexibility the next few years.
guys, Dunn is NOT, repeat NOT going anywhere until 2014
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