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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
I don't know anything about Matt Davidson. Was he expected to be AZ's starting 3B before they traded him? I saw the posts about his defense. How is his speed, power, etc?

That being said, this looks like another great move by Hahn. The Sox desperately need to fill voids in their lineup and you have to give up something of value to get something of value. I'm not surprised Reed was traded since he was one of the few Sox players with a decent trade value.

Question: Will the bullpen openings be filled from within (Webb, Petricka, etc.), or do people think the Sox will acquire at least one reliever before the season starts?
Davidson has been a top 100 prospect each of the last few years. What he projects to be offensively is above average - 275 average 20 + homers .370 OBP .800 plus OBPS. His defense is good enough. He is not going to win a gold glove, but he is not going to be Miguel Cabrera over there either with the glove. Davidson was slated to be the starting 3b before they got Trumbo. After they got him, that pushed Prado over to 3b and Davidson was left without a home.

He is another solid, young, high ceiling talent. He will be on base a lot. I think if he hits his ceiling, think Youklis in his prime, but I expect him to be a little bit below that.

In terms of internally, personally, I think you see Jones move to closer and Webb moved up to the bigs. We have a surplus of young bullpen arms.
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