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Originally Posted by JohnTucker0814 View Post
I agree... can anyone say Gary Sanchez from the Yankees? McCann on board, no reason to keep a C prospect, they desperately need a 2B Option.. Beckham + prospect for Sanchez?
Interesting concept and in this off season, not beyond the realm of possibility. How hard the Sox pursue Gary Sanchez depends upon how convinced the Sox are that he will stay behind the plate. If Sanchez stays at catcher, then he would make sense for the Sox. If he has to be moved to 1B or DH, then not so much.

The Sox have a few possible trading chips with the Yankees. Yes, Gordon Beckham makes some sense but Alexei Ramirez makes even more sense, as he would give the Yanks insurance in the event that Derek Jeter breaks down which, if history is any guide, may well happen. Jeff Keppinger has some value to New York as a throw in with such a deal. The Yankees need somebody that can fill in at 1B, 2B, SS and 3B, given the fragile nature of some players (Texieria and Jeter) and the possible unavailability of one player (Rodriguez).

It wouldn't surprise me if the Sox and Yankees are talking. One more question: is Sanchez ready for the big leagues in 2014?
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