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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
You just said you don't think any team wants Dunn and then said you can only trade him to a contender. LOL.
If you don't read what I wrote, you can LOL all you want.

I wrote that I don't think any team would want him as an everyday player. The only interest I would see would be from a team having in him is as a pinch-hitter, late in the season in a divisional race. After the rosters expand, you wouldn't even have to decide whose spot he would take on your 25-man roster.

Dunn's value is limited. He doesn't play defense well. He doesn't hit left-handed pitching well, especially left-handed relief, which he is more likely to face late in games. If a team is contending in the American League, you would expect it already to have better options for DH. But if you are a contender looking for a left-handed bat off the bench, you might pick him up on waivers if you only have to worry about paying his inflated salary for about six weeks or less.

Unless Dunn finds the inspiration inside him to have a strong season heading into free agency in stark contrast to the first three years of his contract, I don't see the White Sox getting much if anything in trade for him. Players coming to the end of their contracts don't generally have big value in trade, and when you have a player who is more tradable because he is coming to the end of his contract, his value is even less. I see a waiver deal more likely than a pre-deadline deal. But I think it is possible he could disappear from the Sox late in the season.
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