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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post
Count me in the "Sox should tank the 2014 season" camp. Yes, tear-downs don't work 100% of the time, but who exactly is out there as an FA that will make us a contender? No point in signing a bunch of wash-ups or mediocrities to FA contracts if all they'll do is slightly improve our records and tank our draft position.

Ultimately draft position is meaningless if you can't identify and develop talent consistently, which the Sox have not done well in over a decade. But it's a start.

Only worthwhile FA signings would be guys we're sure we could trade at the deadline. Kenny Lofton type deals.
That's the non-guaranteed Cubs philosophy right now that has them spinning their wheels after three years. Hahn's three acquisitions over the past five months (Garcia, Abreau and Eaton) have the Sox, believe it or not, closer now to winning a championship than the Cubs. Hahn is going for young, but major league ready, talent.
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