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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Dunn/White Sox- ranked 12th of 15 teams for DH- so there are exactly 3 teams in MLB where Dunn would be of value-

To minimize the damage while we pray for someone to take him off our hands- he should be batting 5th/6th- and only starting vs. RHPs
I think you misread that a little. Sox DH's ranked 12th....Dunn is probably around 7th. But really, only Oritz, Berkman and Butler were significantly better.
I certainly agree to bat him 5th or 6th. To bat him 3rd is more of the awe of the baseball mind of Robin.
And he obviously is only going to bat against lefties this year...I say, obviously, because we have Konerko presumably to take the ABs from lefties, but you never know for sure.
Sure we should trade him if we can...but I'll say that it won't be that easy getting 30 homers from someone else at DH.

Dunn should make about 40% of what he's making. He's overpaid. But he still has a positive production in contrast to, say, MacDougal, who was overpaid and producing negative returns.
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