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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
And that, to me, is one of the greatest things about baseball. Until a prospect starts to play, it is impossible to say what he will be become.

Mark Buehrle was a 38th round pick, for crying out loud! But he was such a great competitor and such a great craftsman that he became a top tier pitcher who has thrown a no-hitter and a perfect game, has started and won an All-Star game and who was a stalwart starting pitcher for a World Champion.

Not bad for a 38th round pick. And not bad scouting and development from the White Sox, either.
Yes, I see munch's point if we were talking about a minor league player, you can't just look at stats; guys are always working on mechanical issues, developing pitches, working on their stance, etc. So you can't say a guy who dominates at AA is destined to dominate in the Majors. It's just that way it is. But in the Majors, performance counts. And Quintana has been exceptionally good. That trumps whatever nonsense scouting there may be out there.

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