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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This is a tired argument made by people who can't admit that the Sox might be better at player development than they think. Quintana was the #6 SP in the ENTIRE AMERICAN LEAGUE last season. Yes, that is probably a bit over his head, but his talent after 400 innings in the Majors is undeniable. To call him at #4 pitcher is laughably, almost trollishly, pessimistic. Please tell me what teams are out there who wouldn't find a spot at the top of their rotation for a guy with 33 starts, 200 IP, and a 3.50 ERA. It's not a very long list.
Judging ability off of production without care for anything else is undeniably optimistic. Almost trollish. Production does not equal talent. Jim Parque produced. He had very little talent.

Quintana's a 3-4 who's production has exceeded that. It may continue for many years, but it probably won't unless he makes serious strides.
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