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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I liked Santiago from the standpoint of trade value. I believed he had shown versatility both in starter and relief, in addition to being left handed. He was also easy on the payroll. I thought he was the sort of pitcher that didn't seem to be a big part of White Sox plans and had some potential to be blossom. Because he had shown he can pitch effectively in relief, although he lost his closer's job early in 2012, he could help a team even if he didn't blossom as a starter, with some teams challenged in finding lefty relievers.

I also like Easton. I think this is the sort of player I was hoping they could get for Santiago. It's just a matter of Eaton reaching expectations.

Some may be overestimating Santiago's worth, maybe because he didn't offend them so much in the 2013 season. Others may have been looking for getting players in trade that they have actually heard of or who have more impressive major league numbers while not being on their prospect radar. Last week, I would have thought Eaton would have had more trade value than Santiago, but it wasn't really a one-for-one even-up trade.

I find it interesting that neither Avisail Garcia nor Adam Eaton came to the White Sox in a straight deals with their former teams. The White Sox apparently got what they wanted even though the teams trading the players didn't want what the White Sox were offering. It's as if the Sox have a plan and are working creatively to pull it off.
Very interesting take on these transactions. Thank you for your insight.
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