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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post

Dunn is well beyond those two in terms of hitting. Career numbers:

Dunn: .238 BA, .366 OBP, .861 OPS, 124 OPS+, 349 oWAR
Kingman: .236 BA, .302 OBP, .780 OPS, 115 OPS+, 237 oWAR
Deer: .220 BA, .324 OBP, .766 OPS, 109 OPS+, 148 oWAR
Oh I don't know. Kingman and Dunn were very similar hitters. Kingman thinner and gangly and Dunn with a bigger build. Kingman could be possessed of a brittle and curt personality, while Dunn appears much more sociable. Both could hit the hell out of the ball. Kingman as a Cub once hit a one handed home run in Wrigley Field and I'm not kidding about that. He also hit this one.

In 2012 we went to the Trop Dome to try and break our 0-5 streak. Chris Sale and Matt Moore were locked up in a duel. In the 6th, the Sox down 1-0, Dunn hit a long tall rocket to right field. He just crushed it. I jumped out of my seat and said something like holy expletive. Me, dumbass that I was that day had our upper deck seats among the cowbells, when I could have had us with the friendlies along the third base line who cheered for the good guys all game long. Just say I sat down subject to some hostile stares.

Kingman and Dunn could hit some homers that you'd never forget but both much too one dimensional and subject to slumps and very bad outs. I give Dunn credit for hanging in there in 2011. Never saw anything like that since Steve Blass, and he of course was a pitcher.
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