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Originally Posted by balke View Post
Tank will be 25 and was the 2nd best hitter on the team last year (not counting Rios or Garcia). He was injured part of last season.

After the All-Star Break he hit:
De Aza is 30 this coming season. His stats are in a downward trend after a good start with the Sox. He's replaceable.

De Aza's 2012 stats:
I think De Aza might need a change of scenery to get back to hitting like that. I'd be concerned a change of scenery for Viciedo might turn him into a 30+ HR all-star.
Didn't realize Tank hit that well after the ASB. I just see him being yet another base clogging, no glove guy as Donkey, Flowers, Paulie, Abreu. That's just too many...I actually think that the fact that Tank is 25 years old, an argument could be made that he is more attractive. And he's still under team control, right?
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