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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Another hoping for a miracle move.
As of now 2014 is looking like maybe winning 70 games.
Does anyone here have an idea what Hahn is up to?
Looks to me like he's building for the long term with young players and low-risk/high-reward signings, and doing it at a far lower cost. Abreu is 26 and has a high ceiling and will cost less than Konerko did last year, and less than Dunn next year. Avi Garcia also has a high ceiling, is only 22, and replaces Rios and his bloated contract in right. Leury Garcia is a potential Ozuna-style super sub with great speed, a good glove, and he's only 22. Adam Eaton is a fast, solid fielding 25 year-old center fielder who takes a lot of walks and steals a lot of bases, was the PCL MVP the year before last, but whose his price tag went way down because of an elbow injury last year which probably won't affect him again. He could be our leadoff man of the future, and his presence puts DeAza back to being our 4th outfielder, which is not a bad thing.

The signing of Paulino is just the latest in this process. The guy could be a bust, or he could be a guy we hauled off the scrap heap and, with a little faith and a healthy dose of Don Cooper, turned into something extremely valuable (see: Cliff Politte, Hector Santiago). And if it doesn't work, we're not out a ton of money.

To me, it appears that Hahn is throwing his weight at the young, the overlooked, and the discarded players who might still have something in them. I think, in some ways, he's trying to do what KW did in 04-05 with guys like Dye, Pierzynski, Podsednik, Iguchi, Uribe, Jenks and Politte.

And let's say you're right and it's a 70-win season. I think we'll do a bit better than that, but 70 is certainly possible. What have we lost? 2014 was going to be a rebuilding year anyway. Does anyone really expect us to contend? After the giant turd that was 2013, I just want to see a team that's regaining its balance and learning how to play together and with passion. I think Hahn is aiming for a team that will be very competitive from 2015-18. So far, I think he's doing a pretty good job.
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