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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Yeah but honestly how much of a difference is it if you swap out Reinzo for Santiago?

The guy is the 2nd coming of Clayton Richard, nice to have around, is somewhat valuable if used properly, but you want to trade him before he's exposed at this level.

Like I said before his screw ball just wasnt the same as in the minors maybe it is the seams or maybe its mlb hitters. He could turn out to be nothing but I just hate to see pitching to be traded unless you have an abundance of it.

Richard was traded for proven pitching, if Santiago was then I would be ok with this.

The Sox need so much so they have to roll the dice on Reinzo and Johnson.

Im not saying this is a bad deal, its a crap shoot and thats all the Sox can do in situation they are in, hopefully they will roll 7's not snake eyes.
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