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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
We think the players are mediocre until they are traded, and then all of a sudden they are invaluable assets and overvalued. I think this was a great deal. A young cost controlled CF'er that may be primed to break out? Yes please.
Yeah, exactly, not to mention the Sox have a couple young arms that are on the brink of the Majors that I like a lot, too, like Beck, Snodgress, and Bassit. Much more comfortable with their recent track record of developing arms than I am waiting to see if Jordan Danks will ever figure it out (he won't), Jared Mitchell will ever discover a time machine to take him back to a time when he didn't have a surgically reconstructed leg, or praying that Thompson or Jacobs might be a winner.

Trade from strength to address weakness. Hopefully Eaton plays well here and I don't have people referencing this deal in like 5 years.

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